efile Coach, the on-line application to manage your clients' information and their coaching processes

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Manage your sessions on-line  while complying
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An easy way to prepare your sessions and processes.

An easy way to manage your clients on-line.

If you are a Coach, this application facilitates the administrative tasks, and you will be able to offer a professional image that will help you secure more clients. It provides you with tools that will help you secure large companies as clients.

Free Version + 14-Day
FULL Access!
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If you have a paid version and you are not fully convinced, you may send us an email asking for a refund within the first 90 days since your purchase. It is as simple as writing to soporte@efilecoach.com with your user details and bank account number. We will refund you the money; no questions asked.

  • Your clients' information is INACCESIBLE TO THIRD PARTIES. Only you have access to your clients' data.
  • On-line access
  • Synchronizes with your Gmail calendar and smartphone
  • Multiple tools: Wheel of Life, SWOT Test, 360o Feedback, VAK Test by Robert Dilts, Meta-programs Test
  • Easy client monitoring and marketing
  • Possibility to share documents with your coachees with just one click
  • Ongoing application updates
  • more characteristics
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  • Daniel Meléndez (Coach y formador)
    efile Coach es una herramienta completísima, que no sólo facilita la gestión de mis procesos, si no que otorga a mi trabajo ese rigor y profesionalidad...
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  • José Luis Esgueva (Coach)
    efile Coach es una herramienta muy potente para sintetizar y concretar la información, tanto de tus coachees como la tuya, necesaria para...
  • With efile Coach, you will have access to what you need when you need it.
  • You will show an exceptional image of professionality and quality.
  • The communication with your coachees will be quick and easy.
  • You will be able to access all types of clients, private and companies, and all the
    necessary tools
  • You will be able to easily capitalize on your image and professionality.
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Incomparable Price!
  • Using a non-specialized CRM. Average price: 20 €/month.
  • Using tools that allow you to send 'mass' emails, from 10 to 26 €/month for 'basic' records.
  • Using the 360-Degree Feedback, from 24€/month with limits in the number of evaluated employees, etc.

The cost of these 3 softwares alone ascends to more than 660 €/year. With 'efile Coach', you have all that and much more for only 120 €/year or 12 €/month.

Even the most inexperienced Coaches have gotten their money's worth in the first 5 or 6 sessions with only one client.
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